Solid Edge University 2014

Solid Edge University, the annual user gathering of Solid Edge users, resellers, and developers meets this year in Atlanta, GA the week of May 12-14, 2014 at the newly renovated Westin Peachtree Plaza. Surrounding the event are two special events for niche users: FEMAP Symposium and Developer Day.  Both are great extensions for the analyst and coder in your Solid Edge team.  New to the event this year is another special session, the Design Management … Continue reading

Autodesk 123D Design Challenge Grand Prize Winner

When I was 16 years old, my dreams were focused more on my first car and the pending freedoms that come with accessible travel.  Although my decision to pursue a career in engineering had already been solidified in my mind, it wasn’t something that occupied every waking moment.  Even my hobbies focused more on non-engineering things like sports, music, and girls – in no particular order.  I had outgrown LEGO, plastic model building wasn’t cool, … Continue reading

Speculation Regarding the Alibre Acquisition

In the usual circles of media, gurus, and other CAD aficionados, much speculation exists as to why 3D Systems (DDD) purchased Alibre, Inc (official press release).  It may be as simple as 3D Systems insatiable appetite to gobble up as many businesses as possible (3D print related companies first, software companies now, who knows in the near future) or it may be to position themselves at the head of burgeoning maker movement. The maker movement … Continue reading

What is Synchronous Technology?

I was requested to present at the Phoenix area Solid Edge User Group meeting yesterday afternoon.  The topic I was requested to present was “What is Synchronous Technology?.” This task proved harder than I expected.  Considering that Synchronous Technology has been around for about three years, I still didn’t have a clear way of describing it to an audience of existing Solid Edge users and spent a week staring at a blank presentation unable to … Continue reading

Alibre Acquired by 3D Systems

The timeliness of this post is not breaking news.  The official announcement was two days ago, on July 19, 2011.  And, the many paths of information have already mentioned this news: twitter,,,, and there is even some speculation on the future of Alibre by Scott Sweeney of Kubotek. If you haven’t seen the press release or got the memos from Alibre or 3D Systems, I have copied them here for reference. The … Continue reading

Solid Edge ST4 Node-Locked Licensing

For those who haven’t heard, Siemens is changing its licensing beginning with ST4 due to be released shortly now that the excellent Launch Event has completed.  So far, the licensing change only effects node-locked subscribers.  Floating or network licensed (FlexLM) subscribers are not affected. Siemens has published a 14 page document (webkey required) describing the how-to’s with pre-registering your hardware to get a composite Host ID, from which the new license will be generated. This … Continue reading

Changing the Default Graphics Card Setting

For those that use Solid Edge on a regular basis, you are probably familiar with the graphics card options of: Software Driven Backing Store Graphics Card Driven (Basic) Graphics Card Driven (Advanced) Graphics Card Driven (Direct3D) What you may not know, and what may make your 3D view manipulations better is that there is a way to hack the default setting. Why would have to hack the setting?  Well, one reason that I just recently … Continue reading

Alibre Design 2012 pre-pre-preview

Back in March, Max from Alibre posted in the Alibre User Group a quick video showing off some very early, but very cool, features in the upcoming release of Alibre Design. I can’t really review the software by watching a video so far in advance of release, but there are a few things shown in the video that may be of interest to Alibre Design users, assuming they make it into final release. First, Alibre has … Continue reading

Solid Edge ST4 Global Launch Event

What: Solid Edge ST4 Global Launch Event Where: The Westin Huntsville 6800 Governors West, NW Huntsville, Alabama 35806 United States When: June 15th – 16th, 2011 How: Visit the Event Page Cost: $250 through April 22nd, $350 after. Who: YOU! Why: The Solid Edge ST4 Global Launch event is more than an unveiling of the latest-to-be release of the powerful MCAD package.  The Launch Event is a new beginning to a long sought after revival … Continue reading